Authentic Japanese restaurant in Brisbane

Little Tokyo - Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Little Tokyo offers a truly authentic Japanese experience

For delicious Japanese cooking like no other in Brisbane, Little Tokyo offers an exciting variety of dining styles. Established in 1966, our restaurant is under original management and offers a wide variety of traditional Japanese food prepared by our Japanese chefs.

The "shoes off" dining area is the Sukiyaki House, where guests sit on a mat on the floor and enjoy Sukiyaki, Teriyaki and Shabu Shabu cooked at the table. For guests who prefer tables and chairs, the "shoes on" Teppan-yaki House provides a delicious selection of food cooked at the table by specially-trained chefs. Try lobster fresh from the saltwater tanks, served with fresh vegetables, rice and soup.

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Our menu

For a great variety of Japanese cooking in Brisbane, Tokyo House offers something for everyone.

Our menu includes zensai (entrée) and kudamona (sweets).

Our teppan-yaki menu includes a large variety of delicious meats and seafood including:

• Seafood
• White fish
• Fresh salmon
• King Prawns
• Scallops
• Cuttlefish
• Moreton bay bugs
• Whole lobster
• Poultry
• Chicken
• Beef - eye fillet, rib fillet

Try Ishiyaki

Little Tokyo is the only restaurant in Brisbane, Queensland to offer ishiyaki (burning stone cooking). A river stone is heated for several hours and used to cook thin slices of beef and seafood. This gives a highly individual and mouth-watering flavour, quite different to a barbeque or charcoal taste. Sushi also forms part of the extensive menu at Little Tokyo. So if you feel like Japanese cooking tonight, make a booking at Little Tokyo!

About Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is Australia's longest running Japanese restaurant and Queensland's longest running restaurant. A local landmark, Little Tokyo was founded by Michiko O'Brien, and is now operated by son, John.